The Singleton

We've made a beautifully balanced spirit, matured it in Sherry and Bourbon oak casks, and created a smooth, rich family of whiskies with layers and layers of flavour. Because taste is everything at Dufftown. And because we want everyone to love single malt whisky as much as we do. Our names are inspired by the colorful world of fly fishing from our home near the River Spey.

The SingletonSpey Cascade.

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Our signature single malt, smooth rich and perfectly balanced with notes of brown sugar, toasted nuts and baked autumn fruits. Crafted from the perfect balance of Sherry and Bourbon oak casks.

Strength: 40% abv

Appearance Burnished copper in sunlight.

Nose Mild and fresh at first, with baked apples and woody fragrance broadening to marzipan and ripe red berries.

Palate Softly coating, with stewed apples and hints of spice.

Finish Gentle finish with marzipan & baked fruits.

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The SingletonTailfire.

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A vibrant evocation of Dufftown’s fruity character with notes of fresh red berries and sweet vanilla aromas from maturation in European Oak casks.

Strength 40% abv

Appearance Rich amber.

Nose Instant sweetness and ripe red berry fruit – strawberries, stewed plums and raspberry jam, vibrant cut grass emerges giving way to vanilla and toasted oak.

Body Medium to dense

Palate Notes of malt and green grass soften quickly with the richness of the fruit with a hint of spice amongst sweet oak notes.

Finish Sweet with slightly drying oak and a creamy hint of coconut.

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The SingletonSunray.

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A smooth and elegant example of Dufftown’s honeyed intensity, golden and rich on the palate with notes of blackcurrant from maturation in American Oak casks.

Strength 40% abv

Appearance Medium to light amber.

Nose Incredibly soft, starting deep with Demerara sugar and baked apple, rising with heather honey and floral top notes. Blackcurrant and bramble leave a soft balance.

Body Light

Palate Sweet and rounded with soft spice amongst fruity notes.

Finish Sweet, with blackcurrants and vanilla.

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The Singleton.Made of Taste.

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Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass.At the Bellmans Berlin

Cocktail Masterclass

The Classic Way

For those who prefer not to mix, there are three choices.

Neat:Enjoy the full, rich fruit and vanilla flavours that make these whiskies perfectly balanced and smooth. Simple.

Water:Water will help open up the different layers of flavour. Add just a drop at a time, and see what works for you.

Ice:Chilling the liquid can mask some flavours, but also enhance the mouth feel, making for a silky, refreshing experience.

Food pairings

Food Pairings

This is a whole world of flavour experiences, here are some suggestions but please share with us your own:

Spey Cascade Why not try with chocolate truffles

Tailfire: Panacotta with Red fruits, Brie & recurrent and dark cocoa chocolate

Sunray: Manchego with honey, butterscotch chocolate or Tarte Tatain

Berry Jam Sour

Berry Jam Sour

Ingredients: 50ml Singleton Tailfire
25ml Fresh lemon juice
2 tbspn raspberry jam
1 x egg white

Method: Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker without ice and shake vigorously.
Add lots of ice and shake again.
Strain the liquid into a rocks glass with ice cubes

Garnish: lemon twist and fresh raspberries.